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A vowel diagram or vowel chart is a schematic arrangement of the vowels.Depending on the particular language being discussed, it can take the form of a triangle or a quadrilateral. Vertical position

on the diagram denotes the vowel closeness, with close vowels at the top of the diagram, and horizontal position denotes the vowel backness, with front vowels at the left of the diagram. Finger Diagram Fonts and Images . Flutopedia offers several resources for people who would like to write out sheet music with finger diagrams: SNAFT — A simple, character-based way of typing finger diagrams, such as <xox|ooo.This is described on the SNAFT web page.; Finger Diagram Fonts (this page) — A set of TrueType fonts that have high-quality finger diagrams in the place of letters. The intestines are vital organs in the gastrointestinal tract of our digestive system. Their functions are to digest food and to enable the nutrients released from that food to enter into the bloodstream. Chernoff faces, invented by Herman Chernoff in 1973, display multivariate data in the shape of a human face. The individual parts, such as eyes,

ears, mouth and nose represent values of the variables by their shape, size, placement and orientation. Open page with full scale printable birds-mouth cutting template at current rafter angle and dimensions. Remember to allow for Ridge Thickness in Rafter Run to Outer Wall. What is the upper respiratory tract definition, its parts, structure, and anatomy, function of the upper respiratory system, and how it works, labeled diagram The Water Cycle for Schools and Students:

Advanced students. The water cycle describes how Earth's water is not only always changing forms, between liquid (rain), solid (ice), and gas (vapor), but also moving on, above, and in the Earth. What is larynx (voice box) definition, where is it located, anatomy (cartilages, muscles, innervations), what does the larynx do, picture, diagram The teeth are the hardest substances in the human body. Besides being essential for chewing, the teeth play an important role in speech. Parts of the teeth include: • Enamel: The hardest, white Copyright, 1995/2010 Kay A. Toomey, Ph.D. EATING chews and swallows whole bolus independently chews, swallows whole bolus with drink chews, swallowssome and spits

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